Processing Submissions Received On
June 4, 2023
Police Information Check

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Effective April 1, 2022, changes were made to the Police Records Checks Reform Act so that volunteers who require either a Criminal Records Check or a Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Check may receive these forms of check at no cost. 


Please note that the fee waiver does NOT apply to a Vulnerable Sector Check (VS Check).   Applicants must still pay the associated fee for a Vulnerable Sector Check. 


To have the application fee waived for either a Criminal Records Check or a Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Check, an applicant must attend the police station in person (fee waivers are not available for online applications).  In addition to attending the police station in person, the applicant must provide a letter on the organization’s letterhead clearly identifying that the applicant requires a Records Check for a volunteer purpose as well as clearly identifying the level of check that is required.  Applicants who do NOT present a letter as described, will be required to pay the application fee. 


 Note:  K-PIC is not suitable for Local Police checks for the purpose of a Record Suspension/Pardon check.


Agencies requiring background checks can apply to be registered on K-PIC.   Agencies have the ability to select which type of background check their agency will accept and can appoint three people to have access to those results.   Once approved those agencies will have the ability to view the results of background checks that have been shared with them.  Agencies will not have the ability to print results, however, they may save those results to an electronic file.

Click here for a list of the registered Agencies. 


Applicants who require a background check for an agency registered on K-PIC are required to upload two pieces of identification, provide their Social Insurance Number and answer three questions generated by Equifax, through the E-ID verification system attached to K-PIC.  (Step 7)  Note: This is not a credit check and has no bearing on your credit history.  


Applicants who Fail E-ID verification a "Fail to Identify Notice will be generated".    At this point applicants will have the option to "continue anyway" or Exit the application.  DO NOT CONTINUE if you reside outside of the City of Kingston.  If you continue & reside inside the City of Kingston, you will be required to attend Kingston Police to pick up the results.   An automated e-mail notification will be sent with pick up instructions.   


Applicants who Pass E-ID verification

Once the processing of an application has been completed, the results will be uploaded to the applicants K-PIC account.  The applicant will receive an automated email with a link attached to log in.  A token number will be sent to your email, which allows you to view your results & then share with the requesting registered agency.   Once results have been shared with the original agency, applicants will have the ability to share results with other registered agencies, provided the type of background check selected meets the criteria set by that agency.  


Fingerprinting for Vulnerable Sector

In some cases an applicant will be required to be fingerprinted in order to complete a Vulnerable Sector check.  In these instances completion of the check will be delayed. 


In compelling circumstances, where an applicant cannot apply on-line special arrangements may be made with Teresa Mayhew at 613-549-4660 extension 2225. 



Effective January 1, 2023, the fee for Police Criminal Records Checks has increased to $40. 

* Please note: for the purpose of the K-PIC online system the term “Agency” will also include reference to a company or an organization.