Processing Submissions Received On
October 19, 2016
Police Information Check

Welcome To K-PIC

Welcome to K-PIC - the Kingston Police Information Check System.

The Information Services Division of the Kingston Police is very pleased to offer the citizens of Kingston the ability to utilize an automated online system for submitting Police Information Checks.

K-PIC will allow applicants the convenience of applying online to submit their applications 24/7 from any location. There is no paperwork required and applicants can monitor the status of their application, any time, through their own personal account. Applicants have the ability to pay for their application through a secure payment system which accepts credit card and interac transactions.

K-PIC is being offered as a convenience to assist members of the public. Processing of these checks could take several weeks (or longer in some exceptional cases). If you are trying to meet a deadline to have an Information Check completed, we might be able to expedite the completion of your check if you attend our station in person. However, please be aware that our ability to expedite your check is affected by many factors outside of our control, and this can only be determined if you attend the station in person to fill out your application. If we are able to expedite your check you could have the completed check in as little as 15 minutes after application.  It should be understood that our ability to expedite Police Checks are impacted by request volumes. 

We only offer expedited checks to persons attending the station in person during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., holidays excluded).



The K-PIC system will allow results of the Police Information Check applications to be delivered directly to Applicants for viewing online.  To further enhance the convenience of the K-PIC system, applicants will be able to directly share their completed Police Information Check results with an Agency and additionally, can share the same results, to multiple agencies without having to submit a new application. 

K-PIC will allow Agencies the convenience to create accounts and view all of their applicants’ results online.  Agencies will be able to monitor the Police Information Check Unit application processing dates and manage or track shared applicant results.

Agencies will be able to accept applicants’ shared results, of a Police Information Check, that was originally completed for a different Agency. Sharing completed results with other Agencies can offer less time delays, reduced associated costs and the potential to expedite placement for potential employees, volunteers or students.

The Information Services Division is confident our new K-PIC online system will greatly enhance our service to the citizens of Kingston.

* Please note: for the purpose of the K-PIC online system the term “Agency” will also include reference to a company or an organization.