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June 4, 2023
Police Information Check

Terms of Service

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Registering and Creating an Agency Account

Agency representatives are required to register all detailed information regarding the Agency in order to create an Agency account profile. Agency representatives, referred to as ‘Contacts’, will have the capability to login with their unique credentials (email and password) and represent the Agency on the K-PIC online system.

An Agency may have a minimum of 1 Contact to a maximum of 3 Contacts.

An Agency email will be required for each Contact person to successfully create an account.

Agencies will indicate if their Agency works with the Vulnerable Sector and if a Vulnerable Sector Search is required.

Agency account profiles will be approved by the Police Information Check Unit prior to being available on the K-PIC Online System. The account created for the Agency will not be activated until approved. An email notification will be sent to the Agency Contact(s) upon approval.

Returning Agency Contacts may login to the K-PIC Online System by clicking on the Login With Existing Account option, to access the secure login prompt.

Agency profile and/or credit card information may be updated at any time by logging in to Agency Dashboard - Change Account Information icon.


Contacts will receive automated email notifications when a Police Information Check 'PIC' application result is shared with the Agency.

Contacts may also view, save and print applicant results for a period of 12 months from date of completion.

If an Agency account has been inactive for 6 months the K-PIC Online System will send an automated email notification to the Agency Contact(s) 14 days prior to the account being marked as inactive and archived in the system. Contacts will be able to continue with their Agency profile or delete the account. If no action is taken the account will automatically be deleted within 14 days from receiving the email notification.

Identification and Equifax elDverifier

Verification of identification will be through ‘Equifax eIDverifier’. Applicants under the age of 18 or individuals who have not lived in Canada for more than 1 year will not be eligible to submit a Police Information Check application through the K-PIC online system. Those individuals must attend one the Kingston Police station at 705 Division Street to apply for a Police Information Check.

Equifax eIDverifier provides an online identification method by comparing secured personal information, provided by applicants’ against their credit records. It is NOT a credit check and does NOT affect credit scores or ratings. Applicants are asked a series of questions based on their credit record and must be successful in answering before verification can be confirmed. Applicants will upload 2 pieces of Government issued ID, one being a photo onto the K-PIC online system, for further Identification Verification. If an applicant is not able to correctly answer their credit record questions, their identification verification will be unsuccessful and they will be required to attend the Kingston Police station in person to apply for a Police Information Check.


Agencies have the option to view, print, or save applicant results for their intended purposes directly related to their Agency only. Note: Applicants are not able to print/email/save their Police Information Check letter/results for security purposes.


Agencies cannot share Applicant results or disseminate to any other person or Agency.  Agencies may review the PIC and any attachments.  After making a determination on the suitability of the applicant, the Agency may retain the application form but is required to destroy all attachments to the application form. 

Applicants may share their own information directly with others or other Agencies. Information supplied by the Applicant cannot be altered in any manner.

If an Applicant chooses to share a Police Information Check result, which was originally completed for another Agency, the onus will be on each Agency to decide if they wish to accept a shared PIC. Agencies will determine if the purpose of the PIC is relevant for their own purposes.

Vulnerable Sector/No Vulnerable Sector

Applicant shared results which have not had a Vulnerable Sector Search completed will NOT be permitted to share with an Agency, whom has identified a Vulnerable Sector Search is mandatory for their Agency.


Police Information Checks can only provide information found at the time of the check, based on information provided by the applicant. The Kingston Police does not guarantee completeness of the results, and is limited to information available on search databases.

All Agencies utilizing the K-PIC online system agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Kingston, the Chief of Police and the Kingston Police from all manner of actions, causes of action, proceedings, claims, losses, damages, demands and expenses of whatsoever nature and kind which may be brought or made against the City of Kingston or the Kingston Police or which the City, the Chief or the Kingston Police may suffer, sustain, pay or incur as a result of, or in connection to, the search, collection and release of this information.

Agencies understand the Kingston Police is providing the K-PIC online system as a service and is in no way commenting on the suitability of the Applicant for the position being sought.

Agencies understand, by means independent from the Kingston Poolice, the implications of any law including, but not limited to the common law, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, the Ontario Human Rights Act, the Canadian Human Rights Act, or any other relevant statute, as it applies to hiring/approving volunteers and employees with particular respect to what information might constitute a “bona fide” reason for refusing to hire an Applicant or accept the Applicant as a volunteer.





Police Information Checks are conducted in compliance with Criminal Records Act (CRA), Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (MFIPPA) Act, and Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). All information will be retained in compliance with the Kingston Police Records Retention schedule.


The Kingston Police Force (KPF) is a public body as defined under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, (FOIPP) and is required pursuant to section 38 and section 40 of the Act, as well as any other legislation and KPF policy, to ensure appropriate collection, use and disclosure of personal information.